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A combination of two powerful utilities, Coolcut is both an outstanding video editor and an excellent screen capture and live video recording tool. With Coolcut you can produce high-end tutorials, take screenshots of your desktop, and embellish your new videos with all kinds of transitions, effects, filters, multiple soundtracks and audio effects, watermarks, etc., all in a convenient and intuitive timeline-based workspace and at no cost for you.

When launched, the program opens a dual main menu where you can choose between the screen recorder and the video editor interfaces. Below these two main options, you’ll also find icons for a set of extra utilities, such as a video converter, a video merger, a video clipping tool, a watermarking solution, and the option to add music to an existing video. Each of these “minor tools” is a full-fledged software tool in itself.

The desktop recording tool is extremely flexible, allowing you to take screenshots of your desktop and make high-quality recordings of anything taking place on your desktop. This flexibility allows you to produce tutorials and dynamic presentations, make online video and audio recordings, and save conferences, workshops, business meetings, etc., as convenient video files for later use. It comes with all the features you would expect from a professional screen recorder, with tools to add text and images to your presentations and a full set of settings to customize the quality of your recordings.

The video editor is in itself a professional tool with all the knots and bolts you find in expensive video editing tools. Its timeline will let you place and move all kinds of media and related tracks (such as text), so you can combine and overlap them in the most convenient way just by dragging them with your mouse. The video player embedded in its interface will let you check, modify, and correct all of the changes you perform on your videos. Transitions, soundtracks, filters, text-to-speech capabilities, green screen, dubbing, speed change, and the most common editing features are all part of this impressive editor.

Coolcut is a free tool, though you can improve its performance by giving it a VIP status, i.e., by purchasing a license that will unleash its full potential in terms of functionality for both the recorder and the video editor, will remove all Coolcut watermarks, and will provide with free updates. I cannot but recommend anyone in search of a professional yet free video editor and screen recorder to download this tool and explore its many functionalities. Regrettably, the program’s official site provides very little technical information or help about what you can do with this tool, but your curiosity and its straightforward interface will help you get the hang of it in no time at all.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Edit video on a timeline-based workspace
  • Provides a batch watermarking tool
  • Merges videos easily
  • Includes a wide range of transitions and video filters and effects
  • Produce high-quality tutorials


  • Lacks technical and other helpful information for novice users
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